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Preschool of The Arts Learning and Educational Center's

A blog on Childcare

Secure  Entry and Exit System

January 1, 2019

This facilities doors remain locked at all times. Only those who have been identified can gain access into the building. Each child who will be picked up by someone other than a parent will need to provide id and be placed on the pick up list.  We can not allow children to be released unless we have spoken with you directly to verify. Both locations have door bells and are equipped with camera systems throughout the building. This is for the safety of all children, staff and  everyone entering and exiting the building.

Sick Children and Daycare

October 1, 2018

The effects of bringing a sick child to daycare can cause an epidemic . Bacteria and viruses can spread very quickly and infect other children rapidly. It is recommended that sick children stay at home if any of the following symptoms are present: Stuck together eyelids, green or yellow discharge from the eyes, scratching and itching of the eyes. 

Constant and uncontrollable coughing. Sore throat and difficulty swallowing. Bumps on the skin and bad diaper rashes should be seen by a physician.

 Throwing up and/ or diarrhea, if your child has been vomiting chances are when they come to daycare they will continue to vomit or have diarrhea. The child should stay at home for at least 48 hours. Fever over 100.2 degrees, please do not use fever reducing medications to mask a fever.

 A child should be kept at home at least 24hours following a fever. Daycares cannot treat children who are sick and children should be seen by a doctor and may return with a doctors note.

Our Teachers are Certified

May, 2018

Every staff member has had a federal and state background check conducted through the Family Safety Care Registry . All staff are required to complete 12 credits of childcare courses annually. CPR and first aid training has been completed by every staff member and will be completed by any new staff member .

Daycare Supplies and Nesecities

April 1, 2018

Please remember that we need supplies in order to care for your child throughout the day. These items include: Diapers, Wipes, Change of clothing, diaper cremes, special milk, a blanket, weather appropriate items jackets, rain boots , tennis shoes, long sleeves in the winter. Please bring these items in a diaper bag or backpack.

Vision and Mission

March 10, 2018

The vision of Preschool of The Arts Learning Center is to provide an excellent learning environment to help children become academically strong, have respect of others and become achievers. Our vision is to prepare young children for entry into the public school system ready and full of knowledge to succeed.

The Mission of Preschool of The Arts is to provide a loving  safe and nurturing environment. Providing a developmentally appropriate curriculum enabling every early learner a fair start to success. Our mission is to provide a quality and affordable education to those in The City of Kansas City, Missouri and surrounding counties. 

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