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Enrollment Information

Enrollment for 2022 is now open for ages 6weeks-6years of age

Every parent will be required to attend a new family orientation before enrolling to receive information on childcare policies and procedures.

Items need for enrollment include: 

  •  Enrollment Form Completed (Provided by us)
  • Physical Completed (Provided by us)
  • Emergency Contact Card completed (Provided by us)
  • Income Eligibility form Completed (Provided by us)
  • Infant/ Toddler Care Plan Completed (Provided by us for children under 2 years of age)
Items you will need to bring prior to beginning:
  • Birth Certificate
  • SS Cards for Parent only
  • Immunization Records or Immunization Exempt card
  • If receiving childcare subsidy from the state we will need an approval letter prior to beginning
  • Application fee $50 per family

Call to make an appointment to Enroll Today!

816-214-5901 for Questions

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